Monday, 15 April 2013

LG 60PA6500 Suffers From Picture Quality and Lack of Black Clarity

LG 60PA6500 Suffers From Picture Quality and Lack of Black Clarity

We had thought that only Samsung were capable of not getting the colour black right but it appears we were mistaken. The LG 60PA6500 60” 1080p 600Hz Plasma HDTV perceives black pretty poorly if this is the way they believe it should be! Starting from $900, the LG 60PA6500 best buy, at present, via Amazon is one of the cheapest 60” plasmas to be found and this might explain why picture quality is not exactly top-notch but it does have some valid features and pluses to boast about. For example the colour distribution and contrast is beautiful, the design is of high enough standard as to allow guests to witness it in the comfort of any room of your house, it contains a swivel stand, has a glossy screen finish and .......... not much else!

User-friendly Menu Invites You to Fiddle About

Whenever you are presented with a piece of technology with an inbuilt menu, you always hope you can manage to understand what it is supposed to do and where it can get you. Luckily for you the LG 60PA6500 has one of those menus which is so simple to use and to navigate that even complete idiots can manage to reason with it and find a compromise. Who’s the master now huh? If you are one of those persons who like to make sure they check out every single feature from Day 1, then you might need to click here for assistance.

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If You Are Into Rear Ends Here’s What You Need to Know

No, we are not referring to booties here! When trying to set up your spaghetti junction of cables to link up every single device in your house to your brand new LG 60PA6500, you will want to know what ports are available and how difficult it is to access them. This LG 60PA6500 tv comes equipped with 3 HDMI ports, 2 component inputs (which is a bonus), 1 composite connector, 1 USB and 1 PC connection.

Check Out How Much You’ll Save With This One

During our energy saving test of the LG 60PA6500 we found that, when the picture settings are positioned to Default you gain to use 210.05 watts with the picture on and 188.11 on Calibrated, a saving of 112.75 watts per year. For standby you stand to waste 0.11 watts with either setting. The total saving per year, when using Calibrated rather than Default will be of $24.80, considerable when compared to other plasmas.
Let’s Lend an Ear (or Two) to What Amazon Buyers Have to Say About the LG 60PA6500
It’s always refreshing to see what actual buyers are saying about their purchase, especially if it is bought at the cheapest possible price, online from Amazon. This bunch know a good deal when they see it and do not expect to receive way that much more for the money they have spent.  Let’s have a look first at the LG 60PA6500 dimensions - 54.6” x 14” x 34.8” and weighs 89.5lbs.
Although we did praise the Energy Saver option on the LG 60PA6500 as we are an environmentally-friendly bunch, we still think that it may be best to disable this option, especially if you are in a dark room, as the setting will provoke the LG 60PA6500 to function in dim light and not make the picture very bright, which can be frustrating, at times! Adding speakers or a surround home system for improved sound is essential, only if you are into bass and treble and all that hype. If this isn’t your cup of tea and sound is adequate for your eardrums, then let it go and relax!